SAM Notarized letter update

Updates from the GSA:

Notice of notarized letter receipt: The Federal Service Desk (FSD) is changing their process to enable notice to an entity upon receipt of their notarized letter, thereby ensuring the entity that the letter has been received and hopefully reducing their need to call the helpdesk (which should improve FSD wait times).

What if a notarized letter is not submitted/received? GSA reserves the right to deactivate an account if an acceptable notarized letter is not received. But because of the remaining backlog of letters to process, they are not currently deactivating accounts. They are currently reviewing appropriate time frames for action and will share their approach with the contracting community
once their policy has been finalized.

FSD response time: Although still not back to normal, the FSD response time is definitely improved since July. To further improve the situation, GSA has increased staffing and created a separate queue for notarized letter calls with additional information specific to those callers.

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